Interested in witches? There have been quite a few myths surrounding witches and witchly writings and yet it’s hard to know what to think. Most people believed witches were all green and had warts on their noses but in truth that isn’t the case. Modern witches don’t always wear witches hats and put curses on everyone. There are in fact different kinds of witchcraft and it can be interesting to hear about the different witches in folklore. continue reading..

Morgan Le Fay

In the times of King Arthur, there lived Morgan Le Fay. She was a witch who wanted revenge for being banished from her home land. The Queen, Queen Guinevere, sent Morgan away when she was younger and she in return wanted revenge. Her powers were greatly underestimated and she disappeared, no-one knew what happened to her. However, it was said she and King Arthur worked alongside one another in a great battle and brought him to Avalon as friends.

Jenny Greenteeth

It was said, Jenny Greenteeth who was a witch, she would drown any child that came across her path. The reason why she would drown them would be because it would amuse her. Her name comes from the fact she apparently had green complexion and that her teeth were very sharp. This has become legend throughout the UK and really can scare a lot of people. This witch doesn’t sound the nicest and yet it was used to help ensure children were wary of rivers.

The Kikimora

This witch is not really quite a bad witch but if you do cross her then you will know about it. You will see wet footprints as well as heard whistling and things being thrown around. Staying on her good side isn’t as difficult as you would think and generally this spirit of the household is very kind. Of course, the Kikimora was given much a bad reputation over the years but this can be a very kind spirit and one that’s very peaceful. see my other post on


Chedipe was thought to be a witch. She would ride a tiger and enter a home sucking the life of every man within the home – all through their toes. It was said that she was a young woman who died in childbirth. This witch might sound very strange to some but the legend surrounding Chedipe was very much unknown.


Circe was first heard in the ever-famed Homer’s Odyssey and she was a witch who basically turned sailors who passed her island into various animals. She was drug them and turn them into different animals; why? Well, this was never really known and yet it has been a well-known witch throughout the years. Many female witches have tried to follow her lead and turn men who angered them into animals.

For The Love Of Witches

Witches have been around for many years and there has become such a love surrounding them. No-one really knows who witches are in modern times and they can have so much power. Whether you believe that or not is a personal thought and yet there are so many positives surrounding modern witches. Enjoy the folklore and learn more.